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  - The Wild Woman - A Complimentary Offering
- The Enneagram and the Mask

- The Enneagram and Self-Mastery

- Developing Your Resourceful Inner Team
- What's My Style?

- Align or Collide - We Have a Choice

- Loving the Ugly
- It's In Our Hands

One more offering:

December 15, 2009

The Wild Woman
A Complimentary Offering

"Reconnecting with the Woman behind the Mother:
A Journey Back to Self"

  Registration:  6:00 to 6:15 p.m.
Program:  6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Please RSVP to moonwhispers235@aol.com


Since we can accommodate a very large group in the space we secured, please feel free to share this invitation with any caregiver -- whether a mother or otherwise -- who is in need of some time for self. All are welcome and we would be thrilled to have new women in attendance. Questions? Please call (Lisa 708-717-0758 or Ruthie 773-732-3183) or email.

Lisa Sorce Schmitz Ruthie Landis
MoonWhispers235@aol.com Ruthienergy@ruthlandis.com
www.WhispersfromtheMoon.com www.RuthLandis.com


OAK PARK Public Library; Main Branch -
834 Lake Street, Veteran’s Room- 2nd floor

What is It?

A complimentary monthly series for women to come together to reconnect with their essential selves through reflection and creative exploration. Each month will provide a basic teaching in self care, love and acceptance followed by integration and practice of that teaching.

Who is it for?

Mothers & Caregivers

Those who often put the needs of family, friends, coworkers, etc. before their own ... or those who have lost touch or have perhaps never discovered their essential self. Please consider attending -- whether you are a mother in a literal way or simply take care of others and act “motherly” in particular areas of your life.

We invite you to join us to replenish and reconnect. It will cost nothing but your willingness to come with an open heart and share a some time with like-minded women. Being mothers ourselves, we know first-hand how challenging it can be to practice self-care on the level necessary to fill our often depleted proverbial coffers. Our hope is that, together, we can grant ourselves permission to receive!

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The Enneagram:

The Enneagram

  The Enneagram and The Mask

Enneagram and Mask

You are invited to a complimentary workshop entitled:

The Enneagram and the Mask

facilitated by Ruth Landis, M.A.


You have a choice of two different dates:

Sunday, December 6, 2009 - from 4-8 p.m.
or Sunday, January 10, 2009 - from 4-8 p.m.

235 W. Harrison Street
Oak Park, Illinois 60304

To attend, RSVP to Ruth Landis
773-732-3183 or e-mail

More info at www.ruthlandis.com

Space is limited, so register ASAP.

Participants must know their
Enneagram Type to attend.


In this workshop we will explore how our Enneagram types inform how we perceive ourselves and how we project ourselves and our image out into the world. It will be  an informative and playful mask-making workshop learning from the three centers of intelligence- head, heart, and body.

Each participant will leave with a mask of their own creation. In return, participants will be asked to sign a release so that photographs of their masks as well as their observations may be included, anonymously, in an upcoming book that the facilitator, Ruth Landis, is working on.

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  Announcing for 2010

  Enneagram Circle  

A monthly Enneagram Circle
The Enneagram and

facilitated by Ruth Landis, M.A.


Participants will commit to a year of exploration and self discovery as we form a safe and supportive learning community where we are each the teacher and the student.  Ruth Landis designs these monthly workshop/gatherings facilitating from the three centers of intelligence-
head, heart, and body.

The workshops will include experiential activities that weave the support of nature, creativity, and the body with the profound wisdom of the Enneagram.


We will meet on the fourth Sunday of each month
beginning on January 24th from 6-9 pm at:

235 W. Harrison Street
Oak Park, Illinois 60304

To become part of the circle contact Ruth Landis at 773-732-3183
or e-mail
ruthienergy@ruthlandis.com or www.ruthlandis.com

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"Using the Enneagram"
facilitated by Jerry Wagner and Ruthie Landis, M.A.

  Inner Team  
  This powerful and innovative workshop is available for interested organizations for 2-day intensive, 1-day seminar, or 5-day retreats.

What do all the parts of your personality bring to bear on the situations and relationships you find yourself in to help you adapt and grow?  Through the Enneagram, an ancient system of nine distinct world views and personality structures, we’ll look at nine potential players on your inner team and the resources they offer you.  Which ones are you familiar with and can easily integrate into your team?  And which ones are you uncomfortable with and even resist bringing onto your team?  What parts of yourself do you need to Re-own, Re-frame, and Re-cycle to become maximally effective?

This special Enneagram workshop will illuminate how nine characters appear or disappear in each of us and will facilitate the contribution of each member of our inner team to a whole and resourceful life.  Participants will have a process for contacting and deepening their relationship with their inner resources.  Through theory and practice, we’ll engage each person’s head, heart, and body in this learning process. 

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Ruth Landis & Lisa Sorce Schmitz present:
What's my Style?

  What's my Style?  

An experiential and "edutaining" event
pairing fashion and the Enneagram.

Who am I?
What impression am I really making?
How does my outer self project my inner self?
How can my outer self enhance my inner self?

Find out more!!!


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Ruth Landis & Lisa Sorce Schmitz present:
We Have a Choice


Expressions & Expectations in Relating
to Our Selves and Others


During this experiential workshop, we will use the Enneagram (an ancient system of points of view) , mask-making, body awareness and role playing to explore how we each show up in our relationships with family, friends and co-workers.  We will observe how our versions of validation and love either align or collide with the styles of those with whom we interact.  We will unveil our blindspots and try on other points of view to expand into more generosity and acceptance of ourselves and others. 

Come alone or bring someone (partner, family member, friend, co-worker) to deepen and enrich your relationships.


Whispers from the Moon
235 W. Harrison Street
Oak Park, Illinois 60304

www.RuthLandis.com and www.WhispersfromtheMoon.com

To register, call 708-717-0758

e-mail moonwhispers235@aol.com


Ms. Landis is a holistic therapist utilizing body/mind techniques, the Enneagram, creativity, energy-work, nature based ceremony and spirituality. Her work is highly experiential. She is in private therapeutic practice, designs and facilitates workshops and trainings nationally, consults on presentation and communication skills and coaches for corporate clients and performing artists.  She is a professional actor, writer, and director, and has worked extensively in theatre, radio, TV, and film.

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  Loving the Ugly
 “The Enneagram & Projection:
One Person’s Ugly is Another Person’s Beautiful”

Featuring Ruth Landis, M.A. and Lisa Sorce Schmitz

  Loving the Ugly  

“Loving the Ugly” by Ruth Landis
Next date to be announced


The “ugly” appears in our lives to show us something about ourselves that we have been failing to notice. We almost always see it in others before we claim it in ourselves. 

During this experiential workshop, the Enneagram, laughter, creativity and body-awareness will be used to achieve more genuine self-acceptance and compassion by learning to recognize the projections that color our opinions of self and others.

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  It’s In Our Hands
An Experiential Workshop in Oak Park

Healing the Earth Within Us and Around Us
By Partnering with the Five Elements,
the Enneagram and our Creativity

“Enneagram styles represent distinct worldviews with related
patterns of thinking, feeling, and taking action …
Self mastery … is about becoming an expert on yourself ...”
-- Ginger Lapid Bogda, What Type Of Leader Are You? 

“We are on the verge of a massive leap in evolutionary
consciousness on this Planet Earth. ”
-- Pam Montgomery, Partner Earth

“Earth is the outer manifestation in form,
which is always a reflection of the inner. ”
 -- Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

“…Through the five great movements of life --
Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood -- … that we break
through habits and patterns that no longer serve us…” 
-- Dianne M. Connelly, All Sickness is Home Sickness

Next date to be announced


We all exist amidst five elements – the compassion of Earth, the excitement of Fire, the depth of Water, the strength of Wood, and the clarity of Metal/Air.  During this experiential workshop, we will use the five elements, the Enneagram and Process Art to create a renewed sense of love and responsibility toward our own body/heart/mind as we simultaneously give back to the Planet.

Whispers from the Moon
235 W. Harrison Street
Oak Park, Illinois 60304

www.RuthLandis.com and www.WhispersfromtheMoon.com

To register, call 708-717-0758

Space is limited and pre-registration and pre-payment is required.

More New Experential Workshops
Coming in 2010!

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