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Executive Coaching

- Organization Trainings and Workshops
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Organization Trainings and Workshops

Providing Experiential Learning in:

  • Communication Clarity

  • Team Alliance

  • Exponential Leadership


The research is mounting to confirm what many people have known intuitively for a long time -- Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a greater predictor of professional success than either classic IQ or on-the-job experience. The Enneagram is the single most powerful tool available to help you develop your emotional intelligence.

 –Ginger Lapid-Bogda PHD. author of Bringing Out the Best In Yourself At Work- How to use the Enneagram System for Success

  • Communicate clearly, authentically and effectively - know what you want to say and how to say it
  • Give and receive feedback in a safe and productive way
  • Create teams that are allies- integrating and utilizing the best of each player with unified goals
  • Utilize conflict as opportunity – employing diverse points of view to expand possibilities
  • Learn the Enneagram System - your own sensibility and how to work with others using self-awareness and self-mastery
  • Lead with Vision and Receptivity
  • Embrace change with ease.
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On-site training services include:
  • Introduction to the Enneagram- Learning the system, identifying styles, and putting it into the body experientially
  • Using the Enneagram and the Body database to enhance communication and self-expression
  • Using the Enneagram for effective feedback sessions
  • Learning how to manage conflict with Enneagram tools
  • Building integrated, collaborative, creative, and highly-functioning teams
  • Using Improvisation tools for spontaneous, well informed and intuitive decision making for leaders on all levels.
All trainings use proven techniques from organization development models while blending the wisdom of the Enneagram, present moment awareness, and improvisation. The sessions incorporate intellectual learning with experiential application and the participants leave knowing “why” and “how to”. 

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(Half-day, one-day, and two-day trainings are available.)
About Ruth Landis

Ms. Landis has conducted workshops throughout the country for such clients as Miller Brewing Sales Executives, ABC Network Television Sales Executives, Illinois Mediators Association, Illinois Association of Public Speakers, and the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation working with issues such as presentation skills, imagedevelopment, teamwork, sales and communication techniques, leadership, creativity and performance. She works as a coach/ consultant to executives and CEO’s of major corporations, public speakers, newscasters, lawyers, and professors.

Ms. Landis trains and coaches actors, performing artists, and public speakers.  Ruth is an actress, writer, director and teacher who has performed at all of the major professional theatres in Chicago, and in Regional theatre.  She has worked extensively on-camera and as a voice-over artist for radio, TV, and film. She has taught at Northwestern University, Roosevelt University, Columbia College, and Victory Gardens Training Center.

Ms. Landis is also a certified Body-Psychotherapist with a successful private practice, utilizing body/mind techniques and hypnotherapy for greater awareness, presence, relaxation, and stress reduction. She integrates all of her skills to create greater joy and ease in performance, public speaking, and group dynamics. In her teaching and in her private practice Ms. Landis works creatively and dynamically with individuals, couples and groups. When working with public speakers and presenters she focuses on spontaneity, ease, and authenticity. With all clients and groups, she focuses on safety, trust, non-judgmental evaluation and conflict resolution. Her work is highly experiential; it is a “hands on” approach and is non-academic, and participants leave with valuable techniques for self-direction.

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