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Visualization, Hypnosis and Guided Imagery

Executive Coaching


Multi-Track Method

Each session is unique and co-created, a partnership between client and facilitator. We access the client’s inner-wisdom using a variety of tools:
  • Sensory & present moment awareness
  • Body psychotherapy, rooted in:
    • Gestalt ® (dialoging with different parts of self)
    • Feldenkrais® (body movement and awareness)
    • Alexander Technique® (listening touch)
    • Cranial Sacral
  • Enneagram exploration
  • Process-oriented creativity
  • Reiki (energy work) and chakra
  • Hypnosis (regression, guided imagery, visualization)
  • Dream work
  • Nature support


  • Living authentically
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Being “in” your body
  • Accepting and befriending yourself
  • Having presence in the “now”
  • Finding clarity about what you want
  • Feeling worthy of abundance
  • Having honest, intimate relationships
  • Freeing yourself to speak up and out
  • Finding relief from pain and depression
  • Healing physical and emotional trauma
  • Allowing yourself to receive and give freely
  • Accessing ease, peace, and well-being
  • Embracing spontaneity and joy


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“Ruth brings compassion and competence to a session. The therapy evolves, moving from talking about my drawing, connect with my feelings and thoughts, to the bodywork table where I made the body/mind connections. Ruth is easy to trust.”

    Career Counselor
    & Writer